Creative Guide: Decorating Your Bedroom Window with Lush Greenery

Creative Guide: Decorating Your Bedroom Window with Lush Greenery

Sprucing up your bedroom window can be a fun and rewarding project. It’s not just about letting in sunlight or keeping out the cold, but also about expressing your personal style. From curtains and blinds to DIY crafts, there’s a myriad of ways to transform that blank canvas into something truly special.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to pull this off. With a little creativity and some practical tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a bedroom window that not only looks great but also serves its function. Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who loves a bit of flair, there’s something for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Decorating your bedroom window involves more than just choosing curtains or blinds; it’s about expressing your personal style and creating a harmonious space.
  • Selecting the right curtains requires careful consideration of elements such as material, color, size, and accessories. Heavy fabrics like velvet help block light and noise, while lighter fabrics let in more sunlight.
  • Blinds present a practical and stylish alternative to curtains. Choices range from Venetian to roller or Roman blinds, each offering unique aesthetic and functional benefits. Balance is key when choosing colors and patterns.
  • Incorporating decorative window treatments such as curtains, drapes, or valances can provide a distinctive charm to your bedroom windows, with each treatment offering a different level of light control, insulation, and elegance.
  • DIY window crafts like stencil art and window decals offer a cost-effective way to personalize your window treatments. Repurposing materials and incorporating lights can also enhance the overall decorative effect.
  • The addition of greenery and planters can breathe life into your bedroom, providing a soothing, peaceful vibe while improving air quality. When choosing plants, consider the amount of sunlight they require and their watering needs.

Enhancing your bedroom window with greenery can transform it into a vibrant and lively space. Gardenista provides creative ideas for incorporating plants in bedroom windows. Better Homes & Gardens lists plants suitable for low-light conditions typically found near windows.

Choosing the Right Curtains

Choosing the Right Curtains

Ever wondered what it takes to choose the best curtains for your bedroom window? Stress no more. Whether it’s to block out light, create privacy, or simply add a splash of color, it’s crucial to pick the right curtains for your space.

Material plays a fundamental role. Whether you opt for heavy or light fabric depends on your needs and preferences. Heavy fabrics like velvet or brocade can block out light and sound better. They’re a great choice if you’re sensitive to noise or light when you sleep. Lighter materials like cotton or lace add a soft, breezy feel. They allow more daylight into your room, which can help brighten your mood and the room itself.

Color and pattern can transform your room’s atmosphere. If you’re after a calm, soothing aesthetic, consider pastels or neutral colors. Looking for a more vibrant, energetic feel? Bold, colourful patterns should be on your radar. Don’t forget, certain colors can affect your mood and sleep quality. So, choose wisely.

The size of your curtains matters too. Measure your window carefully and decide on the look you want to achieve. For a tailored appearance, curtains should hit just above the floor. For a more luxurious, sweeping look, add a few extra inches. But watch out! Curtains that are too short can make your window look incomplete, interrupting the harmony of your room.

The right accessories enhance your curtains’ look and functionality. Tiebacks or holdbacks add a touch of elegance while making it easy to let in light. Curtain rods can be functional and decorative. They come in different styles and finishes, providing an additional element of design to your window.

It’s quite a task to pick the perfect curtains, right? But don’t worry, keeping these simple tips in mind will definitely make the process easier for you. Remember, it’s all about creating a space that feels like you.

Installing Stylish Blinds

Installing Stylish Blinds

Stepping up your window treatment game goes way beyond draping fabrics. Let’s move on to another game-changer: blinds. They’re not only functional but can significantly enhance the decor of your room.

Browsing through different types of blinds, you’ll find a substantial variety. Venetian blinds are a timeless classic. Made of horizontal slats attached with string, they’ve been a preferred choice of homeowners for years. These blinds offer a high level of control over the amount of light entering the room. Another efficient option is roller blinds. Built with a single piece of fabric that rolls up and down, they’re easy to operate and maintain. If you’re aiming for a chic and contemporary look, go for Roman blinds. They gently fold into pleats when raised, creating a smooth, streamlined appearance when lowered.

Here’s a rough estimate of the market price for the different types of blinds:

Blind TypeAverage Price (per sq. foot)
Venetian$6 – $9
Roller$5 – $8
Roman$25 – $50

Choosing the right blinds doesn’t stop at type. Pay attention to material as well. Popular materials include wood, faux wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Each has its own set of pros and cons. Wood blinds, while offering an aesthetic appeal, may not be ideal for high humidity environments. Aluminum blinds, though durable, might not provide the cosy vibe you’re after. Take time to examine each option, considering your room’s specific needs and your personal style.

As with curtains, color and pattern are essential for blinds. Striking a balance between functionality and style can be tricky, but it’s achievable with the right blend of colors and patterns.

The journey of bedroom decoration is exciting, particularly when it comes to window treatment. From choosing the type, material, color, and pattern, each step you take brings you closer to achieving your dream bedroom. Who knew a simple blind installation could transform your space so dramatically? Don’t let the process overwhelm you. Embrace it as an artistic journey. Rest assured, the results are worth every effort.

Adding Decorative Window Treatments

You’ve grasped the concept of transforming your bedroom with stylish blinds. But have you considered decorative window treatments? These can transform your window from being just a source of light, into a sophisticated, captivating focal point.

Don’t be overwhelmed! It’s more straightforward than you might think. Dive in and explore fantastic options such as curtains, drapes, and valances, each offering a distinctive charm.

Consider curtains, always a popular choice. Why? They range from sheer lace to heavy blackout types catering to your specific needs. You may desire light diffusion or complete darkness for night-shift rest.

Curtains’ average cost varies depending on factors like material and size. A good-quality standard size curtain typically ranges from $20 to $100. A medium-density curtain with your choice of pattern might be perfect for creating a vibrant, calming space.

Average Price RangeCurtain TypeBest for
$20-$100Standard Size CurtainVersatile for any bedroom style

Remember drapes? These are similar to curtains but are lined, usually heavy and flow to the floor. Drapes offer insulation and better light control. They are trendsetters with their classic elegant feel. But elegance might come at a higher price, with costs ranging from $80 to $250.

Average Price RangeDrape TypeBest for
$80-$250Standard DrapeBedrooms that need insulation or light control

Valances, typically fabric pieces hanging across the top of a window, add charm and character. They have the power to tie together color patterns in your bedroom since they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. A valance might be the finishing touch you’re looking for!

Enjoy the excitement of selecting your ideal combination. After all, it’s not about buying a mere accessory; it’s about enhancing your space with a touch of style and luxury.

DIY Window Crafts

DIY Window Crafts

Dive into the DIY trend; it’s time to show off your creative side. One popular and cost-effective way to elevate your bedroom décor further is through homemade window crafts. These projects not only offer a personalized touch to your window treatments but are also a fun way to engage your creativity.

For starters, stencil art is a fast yet effective way to add a unique flair. With numerous designs available, you’ll have a blast choosing one that suits your personality and room style. Selecting a contrasting color for your stencil art will make these designs pop and add depth to your windows.

Next, you should explore the world of window decals. These simple sticky designs can add a world of fun and personality to your room. Make sure to choose decals that reflect your taste and room’s color scheme.

Let’s touch on the beauty of repurposed materials. Think about old lace tablecloths you no longer use or perhaps buttons from discarded clothing. Don’t toss them; instead, turn them into your next window craft project. Lace can be used to create stunning curtains, while buttons can serve as weights at the bottom of your drapes or add an eclectic touch to your valance.

Lastly, think about incorporating lights into your window design. This isn’t reserved only for the holiday season. Subtle string lights or even small, decoratively housed LEDs can inject a warm, cosy atmosphere into your bedroom space.

The power of DIY window crafts lies in the countless possibilities they offer. Each craft project becomes a signature of your personality, adding a whole new dimension of style and luxury to your bedroom space. Remember, creativity knows no bounds! So, let your imagination run wild, and stay open to all the decorative paths that may unfold before your eyes.

Incorporating Greenery and Planters

Moving onto another refreshing method to beautify your bedroom windows, let’s delve into the world of greenery and planters. Beyond doubt, incorporating living plants adds another dimension to any interior space. It’s a green, sustainable, and increasingly popular trend in home décor.

There’s something uniquely satisfying about a touch of greenery in the room, isn’t there? Plants breathe life into your bedroom, improve air quality, and offer a soothing, peaceful vibe. Partner this natural elegance with your windows, and you’ve got a pair made in heaven.

Window Sill Planters: Miss the feel of nature in your urban apartment? Neat rows of potted herbs or succulents on your window sill can fix that.

Hanging Planters: Hang them high or low, take your pick. They’re a great option if your window sill is too small or chock-full with other decorations.

Tiered Plant Stands: Need more space for your plant collection? A tiered plant stand next to the window should do wonders.

Suction Cup Shelves: Afraid of cluttering your sill? Use suction cup shelves on the window glass for a clean, minimalistic look.

When choosing plants for your window, keep in mind the amount of sunlight they require, as well as how often they need watering. To maximize growth and aesthetics, arrange them by height, color, and texture.

Want to take the green game to the next level? Combine elements discussed above, put up a combination of stencil art with small pots of trailing vines, or adorn your windows with decals depicting leafy themes.


So, you’ve learned how to breathe life into your bedroom window with the right greenery and planters. It’s all about choosing the right plants and pairing them with your existing window decor to create a vibrant, personalized space. With options like window sill planters, hanging planters, tiered plant stands, and suction cup shelves, you can bring a touch of nature indoors. Remember, it’s not just about aesthetics, but also about selecting plants that suit your sunlight and watering conditions. Now, it’s your turn to transform your bedroom window into a refreshing, sustainable decor statement. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the article about?

The article discusses how to use greenery and planters to enhance bedroom windows for a refreshing and sustainable interior décor trend. It details various methods such as window sill, hanging, and tiered plant stands, as well as suction cup shelves while also providing tips on plant selection.

What are the recommenced types of planters?

The article suggests various types of planters including window sill planters, hanging planters, tiered plant stands, and suction cup shelves. These options allow different customization based on your window’s size and style.

How do I choose the right plants?

Selection should be based on plants’ sunlight needs and watering requirements. The article provides tips on choosing the right plants that fit your bedroom window’s conditions.

Can I combine plants with existing window decorations?

Yes, the article provides ideas on integrating plant arrangements with existing window decorations for a more personalized and visually appealing display.

Is decorating with plants a sustainable interior decor trend?

Yes, incorporating living plants into your home decor is seen as a refreshing and sustainable trend, as it not only beautifies your living space but also helps boost indoor air quality.