Sleep Well: Why Clear Quartz and Other Crystals Don't Belong in your Bedroom

Sleep Well: Why Clear Quartz and Other Crystals Don’t Belong in your Bedroom

You’re probably aware of the benefits of crystals. They’re known to bring positivity, balance, and healing energy. But did you know there are certain crystals you should avoid keeping in your bedroom?

It’s true! Not all crystals are created equal when it comes to promoting restful sleep. Some can actually disrupt your sleep cycle or create an overwhelming energy in your space.

In this article, we’ll dive into which crystals you might want to reconsider placing in your bedroom. You’ll learn about their unique properties and why they may not be the best fit for your sleep sanctuary.

Key Takeaways

  • Not all crystals are recommended for the bedroom as some can disrupt sleep. Examples include Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Black Tourmaline.
  • Black Tourmaline, despite its protective properties, generates an electromagnetic field and can provoke intense dreams, leading to restless sleep.
  • Amethyst, widely renowned for promoting emotional balance, can actually stimulate intense dreams when placed in a sleep environment due to its link to the third eye and crown chakras.
  • Clear Quartz, known as the ‘Master Healer’, is also not ideal for the bedroom as its energy amplifying properties can lead to overly vivid dreams and interrupted sleep.
  • Remember to balance the placement of crystals in your home by ensuring they’re in spaces where their energy can be properly diffused and not disrupt your sleep.
  • It’s paramount to mindfully choose your bedroom crystals to enhance restfulness and tranquility, contributing to improved sleep quality and overall well-being.

Some crystals, like clear quartz, may not be ideal for the bedroom due to their energizing properties. Quora discusses which crystals should be avoided in sleep spaces. For a balanced approach to using crystals in the bedroom, Centre of Excellence provides insights into which ones might help or hinder sleep.

Why Avoid Crystals in the Bedroom

Why Avoid Crystals in the Bedroom

You might be wondering why you should avoid bringing some crystals into your sleep sanctuary. Here’s what you need to know.

Certain crystals emit energy that simply doesn’t align with the calming, restorative environment you’re trying to cultivate in your bedroom. They can disrupt sleep cycles, lead to vivid or unsettling dreams, or even invigorate your energy when relaxation is the aim. This doesn’t mean that all crystals are bad for the bedroom – far from it! However, it’s essential to select your crystals wisely.

So, how can a beautiful, seemingly innocuous crystal disrupt your sleep? It all boils down to the types of energy these stones carry. Crystals are more than just a decorative item, they are known to possess different energetic properties that can affect your mood, energy levels, and ability to rest peacefully.

Let’s consider Clear Quartz for example. Known for its ability to amplify energy, this popular crystal may create an “overcharged” environment if placed in your bedroom. This can lead to restlessness, and potentially disrupt your sleep. Similarly, crystals such as Selenite, while renowned for spiritual activation and communication, can provoke intense dreams. This might be beneficial in a meditation room but is not ideal for your place of rest.

Another type to avoid is Black Tourmaline. Even though it’s known for its protective properties, it can also generate electromagnetic fields which can cause sleep disruption.

In understanding this, it becomes crucial to ensure the right kind of energetics are playing out in your sleep space. Mindfully choosing the crystals for your bedroom can contribute to a more harmonious, peaceful, and ultimately restful, environment.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is renowned for its grounding and protective properties. It’s hailed as a protector against negativity, a self-cleansing crystal, and an energy balancer. But, when it comes down to sleep quality, this stalwart can be a major culprit. Its intense energy emission may not formulate the peaceful sleep environment that you are looking for.

Its continuous emission of far-infrared radiation and negative ions can generate an overcharged ambiance. This can often produce restless nights. Black Tourmaline’s unique property to generate an electromagnetic field can also contribute to wavering sleep routines.

Moreover, you may experience intense dreams that could interrupt a good night’s sleep. The exposure to electromagnetic radiation during sleep prompts your brain to stay active through the dreams. While dreams can provide insight into your subconscious, the oversharing from Black Tourmaline can leave you more tired than rejuvenated.

Ensure you don’t put it on your nightstand or under your pillow. An optimal place for Black Tourmaline in your home could be in an area like your living room or office space, where its effervescent energy can be diffused evenly and not disrupt your sleep.

While Black Tourmaline’s protective energy can shield you against the harshness of the world, it’s crucial to understand the balance that’s necessary for harnessing such energy. Even though its vibrational strength offers shielding properties against environmental pollutants, its adverse effect on sleep quality is worth considering. Device-free rooms and mindful placement of crystals like Black Tourmaline become paramount to debunking sleep disruptions.

The bottom line? Embrace the protective powerhouse of Black Tourmaline, but be wary of where you place this energetic stone in your living space.


Surprisingly, Amethyst – a staple in many crystal collections – also lands on our list. Well-appreciated for its calming and intuitive properties, this beautiful purple stone might not be the best choice for your sleep space. While it’s renowned for promoting emotional balance, stimulating intuition, and aiding with spiritual growth, its energy can become overpowering in a sleep environment.

Often regarded as a spiritual growth stimulator, Amethyst opens up the third eye and crown chakras. These are energy centers associated with intuition, enlightenment, and dreams. In essence, this stone can amp up your dream activity to a level that might become intense or even disruptive.

Nobody wants to go to bed looking forward to some rest, only to get swept up in rich symbolism and abstract scenarios spun by an overly-active dream state right? Now, remember, having vivid dreams isn’t always a bad thing. But if you’re seeking a peaceful, uneventful night’s rest, you might want to reconsider having an Amethyst nearby.

Another intriguing aspect of Amethyst is its tendency to release stored emotions. This process can be therapeutic during meditation or therapy sessions. Yet, discovering a tidal wave of emotions while you’re trying to catch some zzz’s? Probably not the best time.

So, thinking about your nighttime requirements and your relationship with Amethyst, it’s essential to weigh the upsides with the potential downsides. It would be advisable for the stone to reside in spaces intended for meditation, contemplation or therapy instead of in the bedroom. This allows you to harness the powerful aspects of the crystal, without interfering with your quality of sleep.

After understanding Black Tourmaline and Amethyst’s effect on your sleep, let’s shuffle through another crystal that could potentially invade your tranquility at night – the Tiger’s Eye.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Let’s move on to another high-vibration stone: Clear Quartz. As the ‘Master Healer’, Clear Quartz harnesses the power to remove negativity from your space. It amplifies energy to help you manifest your intentions, making it another favorite among crystal enthusiasts.

However, remember that Clear Quartz is also widely revered for its powerful amplifying properties. Because of this, placing it in your bedroom may result in increased mental activity or overly vivid dreams due to its ability to boost the energy of other objects – or people – within close proximity.

As the core foundation of your sleep haven, your bedroom needs to cultivate a calm, peaceful atmosphere. The energy boost from Clear Quartz might prove too much, stirring your thoughts, and prevent you from finding tranquil sleep.

You might find Clear Quartz ideal in other areas of the house though. Consider gracing your living room or a dedicated meditation area with its positive energy. These spaces can benefit from the amplifying and clarifying properties of Clear Quartz, helping with focus and clarity during your daily routines or meditation.

Moreover, check the placement of your Clear Quartz and the interaction with other crystals, if any. The Quartz has a knack for intensifying the energies of other crystals. Keep it away from sleep-disrupting stones like Amethyst or Tiger’s Eye, especially in your sleep sanctuary.

Remember, it’s all about balance. While Clear Quartz lends a lot of positive energy and intention manifesting abilities, you’ll need to consider its energetic characteristics carefully to prevent potential sleep disturbances. Your sleep quality should not be compromised in any way because, after all, sleep is paramount for your overall well-being.

Next, we’ll delve into the topic of citrine – a stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. What kind of energy could this stone bring into your home? Stay tuned to find out.


Remember, it’s all about balance. While Clear Quartz is a powerful ally for removing negativity and amplifying energy, it’s not the best fit for your bedroom. Its high energy can lead to overstimulation, causing restless nights and vivid dreams. Instead, let it shine in your living room or meditation area, where its positive vibes can truly make a difference. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, and it’s essential to choose crystals that support this. Stay tuned for our next discussion on citrine and its energy effects in the home. You’ll learn how to make your home a harmonious haven with the right crystals.

1. What is the main focus of the article?

The article primarily focuses on the impact of Clear Quartz on sleep quality. It delves deep into the pros and cons of this powerful crystal, explaining how it amplifies energy but may disrupt sleep due to its strong characteristics.

2. Where is it recommended to place Clear Quartz in the home?

Clear Quartz should ideally be placed in living rooms or areas designated for meditation to harness its positive energy. Keeping it in the bedroom might disrupt sleep due to its strong amplifying properties.

3. Does Clear Quartz disturb sleep?

Yes, the article posits that Clear Quartz, with its powerful amplifying properties, can disturb sleep. It might lead to increased mental activity and vivid dreams if placed in the bedroom.

4. Is it necessary to balance the energy of Clear Quartz with other crystals?

Balancing the energetic characteristics of Clear Quartz with other crystals is recommended to avoid disturbances in sleep or other aspects of well-being.

5. What upcoming discussion was teased in the article?

The article teases an upcoming discussion on the energy effects of citrine in the home. The specifics are not provided but promise to offer more insights into crystal energy effects.